SW-exterior walls


Sandwich facade is a multi-layer structure consisting of reinforced concrete internal and external leaves and a layer of thermal insulation between them. The layers are joined together by diagonal connections of stainless steel which intersect the thermal insulation layer. The connections also transfer the weight of the external leaf to the internal leaf, meaning that the external leaf is a suspended construction element and suspending other constructions from the external leaf is generally not allowed.

Sandwich facades can be divided into three groups based on the structure of the building:
– iseennast kandvad mittejäigastavad seinad
– kandvad jäigastavad seinad
– mittekandvad jäigastavad seinad

SW-välisseinapaneelide väliskoore paksus on tavaliselt 80 mm (v.a. tellisplaatviimistlusega paneelid, mille väliskoore paksus 15 mm paksuste plaatide puhul on 95 mm), sisekoore paksus 80…180 mm ning soojusisolatsiooni paksus tulenevalt seinakonstruktsioonile esitatavast soojaisolatsiooni nõudest ja kliendi soovist tavaliselt 100….250 mm. Selliste seinte soojajuhtivus ehk U-arv jääb näiteks tuulutussoontega klaasvillast soojustuse kasutamisel vahemikku U=0,38…0,16 W/(m2K). SW-välisseinapaneelide kihtide paksuste valikul soovitame konsulteerida E-Betoonelemendid spetsialistidega.

Thermal insulation material may also be used in the absence of special conditions stone wool, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane plates.

In order to avoid cracks in the external leaf resulting from decreasing volume, changes in temperature and other external forces, elements longer than 6 m should be avoided or the external leaf of longer elements should be divided into smaller segments by dummy joints in order to direct possible cracks.

The following table shows the technical features of the bearing SW-exterior wall panel as an example:

Kihtide paksused – sisekiht 150 mm, klaasvill soojustus 200 mm, väliskiht 70 mm.

Check out the finishing options for SW outer wall panels HERE.

Elemental dimensions are selected according to the architecture and design of the building, taking into account the technological capabilities of the factories. Using modern production lines and plant installations, it is possible to produce very large assembled wall elements.

For example:
– pikkus 12 000 mm;
– kõrgus 4 100 mm;
– kaal 32 t.

Suurte ja ülisuurte elementide kasutamine eeldab eritranspordi ja spetsiaalsete kraanade kasutamist. Suuremõõduliste elementide kasutamisel soovitame eelnevalt konsulteerida meie spetsialistidega.

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